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January 14, 2006


Either he's a member of that odious organization or he's a resume fluffer-upper and he picked the wrong lay con-fraternity to "belong to". He lied on his resume, like we all do, but for a job WITH THE US GOVERNMENT. He's a fucking tool, plain and simple; however, judging from the racket the chirping crickets are making in Democratville, he'll more than likely get confirmed. Was it you that pointed out that if serial sexual harrasser "pubes on the Coke can" Thomas can get the nod, then...

I am so depressed. Women's rights to their own bodies is going to be gone. I may as well don a burka now.

Signed and passed along to a long list of e-mail folks. Thanks for posting it.

A flip flop due to bad intel, say it aint so?!

There is no stopping Alito. He is, I should probably point out, a cyborg sent from the future.

He put CAP on his resume to appeal to the conservatives in the Reagan administration. What better way to demonstrate your right-wing credentials to Bonzo & co!

Robot Buddha is right, if Thomas Pube Boy was confirmed, then practically anyone can get on the Court.

Of course he was a member of CAP! And that whole story about ROTC doesn't work because during the time in question, ROTC on campus wasn't an issue.

How Alito can sit there and play dumb when it's on his resume, is pretty incredible. He "remembers" CAP well when it benefits him (in the Reagan Justice Dept) but when it doesn't benefit him suddenly he has a memory lapse that rivals that of Scotter Libby and Judith Miller.

He's a liar in a long line of SCOTUS nominees who have lied to save their asses (Rhenquist and Thomas come to mind immediately).

If sexual harassment stopped advancement, half of the elected officials wouldn't be there.
It seems to help them if they are lying misogynists. It only hurts your image if you enjoy a good cigar.

He featured it on his resume so he could get the job. Now he's denying it so he can get the job.

I think we just have to start praying for cancer.

Because he is a judicial activist who do whatever it takes to win the approval of his Republican peers.


I'm Stephen R. Dujack

The 1986 article on CAP that the Daily Princetonian has helpfully provided a link to is not, in fact, the truly important one I wrote. The Princetonian article is the "obituary" I wrote at the invitation of the editors after CAP died somewhere between May and September, 1986. The obit ran in Sept. 1986.

Previously, however, I wrote a 4,000-word expose of CAP that ran in the Princeton Alumni Weekly that ran in April 1986. Whether that article resulted in the demise of CAP is open to conjecture. But that's the one that has produced a lot of the soundbites you have read in recent months.

Many of the rest come from a 1977 New Yorker article. And the remainder come from the efforts of many others who have researched this issue and otherwise pushed it both publicly and behind the scenes.

I don't know of an electronic version of that article; the Weekly hasn't posted one, and I have no idea how to scan a three-column magazine page.

Interestingly, I don't know of any MSM article that has mentioned that article, even though it caused a sensation upon publication and led to a huge amount of letters, and a rebuttal round in May, and possibly CAP's demise between a rebuttal round in the Weekly in May and my obit in the Princetonian 4 months later.

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