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January 31, 2006


It's funny that you should post this...my wife and I were just wondering aloud this morning as to who the collaborators where. Do you think CafePress has customizable Uterus Mailing Boxes we could jazz up?

No but Mailboxes, etc. are gearing up I hear. It is a sad list. I just how each will vote on the confirmation.

What's the point of voting "no" on confirmation if you don't have the courage to support a filibuster? If you support Alito, then vote "yes". If you support the right of the President to nominate anyone he wants, then vote "yes". (Please note that I don't agree with either position.) But don't screw over your party and then cast a pointless "no" vote just to cover your a**. Those who do are cowards.

Oy. Just oy.

Can't they at least pretend to put up a fight?

Is it me, or is that a woman in a burka that I see? Our country is a changing and the leaders of al Qaeda will most assuredly be pleased.

I didn't post about this. I really didn't see the point. It ended up just as I knew it would. We have nothing but cowards representing us. Just as we always have. And guess what. Next election, we still will. Nothing changes. Watch.

Well at least Box-stein didn't vote for cloture, but I frickin' knew there would be no filibuster. Guess it's time to take down all of those pithy Alito posts.

All hail the Scalitoson court.

Suedo Dems, I got your names, I've got your numbers.

I found it quite disturbing that newspapers failed to specifically list these lilly livers. Thanks for the word up, man!

Yikes, Fred. Glad I am on the same side as you.

I would suggest that, with regard to reproductive rights, you also post all the pro-choice Republicans who voted for Alito, along with the four Democrats who voted for him.

Well, Propeller Heads, I'd thought I'd stop by and gloat...

There, all done.

Espella Chimpanzee? Why you ol' wingnut you ... what brings you to Agitprop?

Espella Chimpanzee? Why you ol' wingnut you ... what brings you to Agitprop?

He's another clown-shoes makin' the rounds.

Landrieu is a scumbag par excellence. I wish Anderson Cooper had just reached through the camera and slapped the nepotism-riding brat silly.

I'm stocking up on condoms.

I offered my ovaries to Keith Olbermann, does that count? And where is Blue Gal on yer blogwhore list, anyway?

Those wascally rascals - useless rascals on top of that. I've given up contacting my representatives. It's a waste of time and I'm tired of not being heard.

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