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January 17, 2006


Blogenfreude, do you recall during the Gulf war that soldiers were issued defective safety gear to protect from radiation, and were also told to ignore warning signals of chemical levels/hazards? They are often taught that depleted uranium means 'depleted= no longer harmful'. They are told their illnesses, maladies, and disorders are invented. They are experimented on, vaccinated on,drugged,and sent to their deaths without even the deceny to insist on contracting reputable outfitters and some basic supplies. These boxes get collected of tissues and chapstick- children sending sunscreen- when one considers the military budget, its obvious that America is being duped and they will pay the price with their lives. Nothing related to these matters can surprise me anymore.
So they will be forced to either do without, or be restricted by detached bureaucracies. God forbid they bring safety gear not manufactured by a crony.

It's true, I read it as well.

You know we can't have any of that non-DoD-approved, Halliburton issue body armor in the field.

They are forced to use defective armor and if they attempt to use the "dragon armor" they will risk loosing their life insurance and god knows the Army will go after them as well..its disgusting on many levels..but true to form for the Shrub Regime.

It gets worse. Nine generals in Afghanistan are wearing the armor to "evaluate" it.

Excuse me I just slipped in my own vomit.....okay guys, anyone want to help me transport Rummy to Gitmo ?....I will drive ( as I am still on that effin no fly list) It will be a VERY Bumpy ride...Hell is not hot enough for these Bastards...

Blogenfreude, it is true and it happened.

Incredible. Maybe we should just issue our boys some red paint so they can decorate each other with bullseyes.

And you know who manufactures that substandard crap? The guy that threw a 10-million-dollar Bat Mitzvah for his daughter - remember that happy little fiesta?

I read that also. There is nothing that is unbelievable with this CREW anymore.

I also wanna vomit.Especially at Aerosmith serenading the spoilt brat in braces.

These people are so grotesque, and they all make up what's running this country. Ooof. Like a punch in the gut, it is.

about the body armor- Crossing Jordan actually did a very good job exposing the crappy armor tonight..made quite a statement about that and "Contracts" that the military makes , might not have the soldiers best interests at heart...

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