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January 24, 2006


Sorry to hear about Canada - Hope they see the light before it is too late.

It seems the whole world is going conservative - Must be the nature of things to end the problem of overpopulation on this earth. Every wage war with everybody, no one will know peace any more.

I hope it doesn't take the Canadians five years to start waking up to what they've done.

Well, polls aren't everything.. Remember all those Kerry exit polls?

Now if the Polls are true... Canada what the HELL are you thinking?

It's like when your kid brother starts freebasing?

What are you thinking???

The polls are in, and the fat lady has sung.

Canadians like to complain that we don't pay much attention to them. Well, Canadians, haven't you been seeing what's been happening down here? Eh?

Mother-puss-bucket! You'd think we could depend on the Canucks to remain sane. Guess not.

Doesn't like abortion, gay marriage (which you have, eh?)

At least on this score there is damn thing that the conservatives can do about it. Unlike in the US, the Canadian Supreme Court is empowered to make law, or change law, in the face of a Parliment or executive that refuses to act.

Jokes on all the ex-pats up there...Next stop, South America.

Blogenfreude, while I agree that Harper would gladly take the place of Blair as Bush's lapdog, I don't think that he is any position to screw Canada over like Bush has the US. The Conservative Party doesn't have the necessary number of seats in Parliment to impose their vision of the world (through Bush's eyes) on Canada.

I am waiting for Bush to proclaim that the election of Harper is a sign that Canadians support the invasion of Iraq. Or did that already happen and I missed it?

To add insult to injury, Harper won only 36 percent of the popular vote. He'd best not call that a "mandate."

Fred's on the money. Harper will have to try and form a coalition government and that is not going to be easy. The liberals and green party took the majority of seats. Not to mention the Quebecois.

Hurray for Canada: The 51st State!!!

Good lord, who bought THIS election?!?

Finally, a nation populated entirely by draft-dodgers has seen the error in their dope-smoking, gay-marrying ways. I for one, welcome our Northern Neighbors with a big, heterosexual hug!

Don't worry. It won't be long before they throw him out and call for another election - that's how it's done in Canada. They have too many elections and we need one.

Who cares what happens in Canada?

"They're not even a real country, anyway!"

-- South Park

I'm moving to the Moon. I'm tired of it all.

Agit, As J. MacDonald wrote, Harper doesn't have the necessary seats to do anything outlandish at this time. He'll try, but he'll need 31 MPs from the other parties to get any legislation through, and even then, will need Senate approval, which is predominately Liberal.
Harper didn't win the election - the Liberals lost it. People were tired of the scandals and wanted to send a message. Should Harper step out of line, the combined seats in the other parties can bring down the government, so expect another Canadian election in two years.

Good luck, Great White North.

Yip... the Canadian pple chose a Conservative minority goverment. I voted NDP!!!

Seriously though... Harper will face more obstacles than opportunities in this Parliament. He's got 3 left leaning opposition parties (who together outnumber the Conservatives) that he has to make concessions to in order for anything to get done. Plus He's got a Liberal controlled Senate to contend with. I.E., Harper will have to ask for permission to take a piss, let alone introduce some loony right wing bill to reverse same sex marriage or something like that.

All the Canadian pple did was give the Liberals a slap on the wrist for the sponsorship scandle. After a year or so of Harper, Canadians will be screaming for the Liberals to come back. I love how the American media has spun this to make it look like "Canadians have shifted to the right"! Bull! We were just sick of Liberal corruption. If not for the Sponsorship scandle the Liberals may have come out with a majority!

Don't get me wrong... i despise the Libs just as much as the CONS... but out of the 2, I'd much rather have the Liberals running the show! Of course there is another federal party, the NDP, but they are not a "traditional" party so it's gonna take another 20 years for them to reach official opposition status... Canadians are just as stubborn as Americans when it comes to politics!

What Canadians fail to understand is that the safeguards buffering them from American style neoConservatism, by default and intentional interference, erode.

Conservatism doesn't win on its own. It prevails by chip-chip-chipping away at whatever happens to be standing between itself and totalitarian rule. At the official level, it's done in hushed whispers in back rooms among themselves, not on the front pages of the Vancouver Sun.

Any Canadian who believes "It can't happen here" is a dangerous fool. It can happen and will happen if you stupidly insist on believing your existing institutions and public character are enough to stop the conservative juggernauts of unchecked greed and xenophobia.

Wake the fuck up, Canada. It's easier to fight for what you have than recover what has been lost. And you'd better get busy because, trust me, you won't like living with a knobby boot pressed against your throats any more than we do.

For six years, America has suffered from Bu$hism, now it's Canada's turn.
Seriously, I hope this government lasts long enough for Canada to see its true colors. Harper's base supporters are just as wingnut as any confederate state holy rollin' church, they've just kept the social conservatives mute while the campaign was on. Now, they'll want to get paid off.

I'll just echo what others have said: Harper's Conservatives have only 40% of the seats in Parliament. His government will only last as long as he doesn't lose a major vote in Parliament. That means that he'll not be able to accomplish much.

And no Canadian thinks it can't happen here. We won't let it happen here, which is why we didn't give Harper anything like the power that he would need to accomplish anything. A Prime Minister, remember, is not the same as a President. A President is a quasi-monarch who doesn't really have to answer to anybody for four years at a stretch. A Prime Minister can always be booted out at any time by Parliament.

The fact is that Conservatives got in. They're not the old Conservatives...they are what used to be called the Alliance - Canada's own neo-cons. I, for one, never thought it would happen. We (the Canadian left) didn't let them in - people voted them in!!! Let's take it seriously that we have a large group of Canadians ready jump in bed with Bush.

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