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January 02, 2006


At least it was a short one...

Keep on plugging on #5. O'Reilly's bound to get his tiny baby feelings hurt at some point. Then you'll hit the big time!

"Facts is facts, see." Gimme ur cookies. Property of the NSA!

6)Agitprop is a big meany! I got your comment.

I tagged you too! How's come Robot Buddha gets all the glory? Hmmmmm?

Oh well.

It's fun to poke the curmudgeonly :)

Thanks for playing the Home Version. I solemly swear not to tag you again for 1 year and a day. HelenWheels, I vow to tag you the very next chance I get.

Ha. Hopless?. I doubt it.

Luke (aka Blogenfreude), I am your father. Or your great, great MemeFather. Me >>> Lizzy >>> Robot Buddha >>> You. But I will bet you will be even more excited to know Catherine at Poverty Barn is your great, great, great MemeMother.

See, there is hop, or hope, after all.

B, would tell you that I was sorry, but I would be lying. Good luck on #5!

I find it hard to believe you're an attorney...for various reasons. I mean I don't doubt you...it just doesn't fit.

p.s. How will you get the Ritalin to me - courier or regular mail?

Sadly Polly, it turns out we can't send Ritalin across the border ... you are in the Great Frozen North. But we're having a sale on space heaters ...

#4 is a gem. i admire blind rage.

rage on friend.

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