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January 25, 2006


My opinion is that this is non-news because nothing they do here is going to make Bu$hCo look any worse nor make FEMA look any better. The real stories are what's being done or not done to restore the lives of N.O. citizens. Which, of course, the MSM couldn't give a damn about because it doesn't bring in clicks.

They do not want us to know what we all ready know, they badly handled the crisis with Katrina. They still are, people down there cannot even get trailers that are sitting available, to live in! And, what really frosts me is that Brownie, is still recieving full pay for being a consultant! Does this make any sense?

They figure we are so stupid that we will be distracted by the next...

Not to mention the 3200 people who are still missing! That blows my mind. Because they are POOR missing people, not privileged middle-class ones, their disappearance isn't considered newsworthy. We were talkign about this on Karena's blog (she covers a lot of the Katrina NON-coverage) and Tina mentioned how insane it is that Nancy Grace, Victim Queen, isn't dabbing her eyes over the 3200 people when she spent weeks doing just that for that Holloway girl in Aruba.

Just disgusting.

Come on now, it does appear the the pres' mother was right, they are better off now that they're not living in NOLA anymore. Haven't ya heard the fluff pieces on NPR on how well the diaspora has gone?! ...and Brownie, who needs to bring up a past appointment of Dear Leaders that didn't turn out to be in the "best interest" of the American people, when we have his new one to fawn over.

Bush and co. have prevented the release of documents so often that it is not so much a news story as just an item in the news.

executive priveledge is next to godliness.

don't you forget it

I hope no one was foolish enough to expect Bush and co to take responsibility for their incompetence. They just don't want to admit any further negligence and drag this into any more news cycles than they can help. There will be some other outrage to distract us anyway.

Quitter's right on this one...

Impunity Rocks!!

In the words of Kanye West, "GEORGE BUSH DOES NOT CARE ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE!" This pretty much sums it up. Where are all of the Black preachers now? I can't hear them.

yo, I'm including your newsfeed on my home page, hope that's cool. Let me know if it's not.



Am I missing something?

Is there a reason why Americans continue to go on with their lives as though we're not being defrauded by the second?

What is it going to take for Americans to wake up, stop what they're doing, and demand immediate change?

reason grswave? how about..

reality television
cable tv


It's the "It can't happen here" syndrome. Denial ain't just a river in Egypt.

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