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January 16, 2006


I do not know a thinking person besides my mom who plans on voting for Feinstein again. Sadly, my mom cannot vote for a republican no matter what. Everyone else in my family, all of my friends are alreayd not going to vote for her due to the vote for the war.

Sadly, she will most likely win again. At least I get the beautifuil illusion democracy provides that I can participate and my say means something...

BTW, if you ever want to heckle her, we see her every year on mother's day at the Ritz Carlton in San Francisco. My mom likes the same cheezy place sadly...

Hey, some of us have SANTORUM. Enough said there.

Oh yeah: Why not subways, blogenfreude? They remain such aesthetic inspirations. You've seen these signs, I take it. Fascists.

I think she realizes she doesn't have the votes on this one, so she's just saying she she doesn't want to do it.

It could be that there will be a much bigger prize to fillibuster about soon.

That's my Senator, good ol' Frankenfeinstein. Gotta love her!

Oh, the filibuster is being reserved for next year when Bush nominates Pat Robertson to the Supreme Court.

It could be that there will be a much bigger prize to fillibuster about soon.
DAV - I honestly can't see what's more important than stopping a S.Ct. vote that will seal the Dear Leader's "unitary" status.

It would be way too much to hope that this was some sort of super-duper double secret Democratic strategy that's underway that will somehow make everything all right... Maybe things are going on RIGHT NOW that we don't understand, but will very soon, and we'll all be so happy about it...

I've got to snap out of it...

Double secret strategy ???!! yeah, yeah they are all under the table searching high and low for their collective balls....let's hope they find Them- it would be the WMD that is needed to take down the King and His cronies ( aka the Kingdom)...[ okay I know that was rude...but seriously What else could be the plan?] ...on another note be sure to watch Gore's Speech at Constitution Hall ( should be rerun on cspan tonight- or go to No Blood for Hubris and read it)..it will give you some Hope...

We need new blood in Washington!

Our Constitution is in crisis. The professional politicians are scrambling to get ready for the 2006 elections. They are running to their PACs and BIG MONEY!

We need to fight big money with lots of little money and lots of bloggers. Who is running in your district? Who will you support?

"I will be a representative who works for solutions to the problems of Michigan’s 11th district. I don’t want to be one of those politicians who just complains and smears the other guy. There is too much money in politics, but unfortunately you need lots of money to run a campaign in 2006. I am a democrat who believes in smaller government. I need the support of people who are concerned about the direction Michigan and America are headed. People who want to make positive change."
Tony Trupiano

Our constitution is in crisis. Scandals run rampant and touch all levels. Thadeous McCotter confirmed how deep the corruption runs in his own party when he recently called for ethics investigations at all levels.

At the same time, our world is undergoing a major transformation. The global economy is becoming increasingly competitive. We need to focus on encouraging the growth of new break-through 21st century industries that will create future jobs. If America fails to adapt, to evolve, we will be left behind by nations like China and India.

It is time for a change. Donate to and VOTE for representatives who support "We the People."

"One country, one constitution, one destiny."
- Daniel Webster

QuestionItNow - Voices

Why muster a filibuster when it is easier to just bend over and take it? Remind me to thank her when women are sent back to the fifties.


We still have that dream...we are just in nightmare part of it...Nothing happens unless first a dream.

When push comes to shove, the Dems don't have the chutzpah to call the Repukes on their bluff to use the nuclear option. As far as I see, they should go for broke at this point. They might lose the '06 election on the repeated perception that they have no balls, so not following through on the filibuster would only solidify that.

Please watch today's speech by Al Gore to the American Constitution Society. I call it "Six-Minute Hate".

Anyone heard from Howard Dean lately?

Yeah. Me either.

The dream is over
What can I say?
The Dream is Over
-- John Lennon

I am sorry but good Commante I can't agree with you. ( much as I love Lennon)..it is not over until WE SAY IT IS OVER.... I am not ready to give in yet...and yes, Bloggers will have to start kicking ass..and here is a little clue..GORE reads the blogs...it did help that speech....watch the speech- he kicks ass...now if some more can be Lit...that is what we need...if MLK were here he would not give up...right?

I'm seeing a bunch of my fellow California Dreamers commenting about Feinfrankenstein. I'm also seeing a bunch of people who would rather vote for the Vegan Naked Guy at protests rather than her. And that includes me.

She already has a site up for her 2006 campaign, Dianne 2006. I'd much rather see www.anyonebutdianne2006.com. I'd love to see her voted out ON HER ASS!

Blogenfreude, Feinstein is a DLC Democrat and I don't expect her to stand in opposition to Alito. She has been a regular supporter of the Bush agenda.

Besides, I am more concerned about the potential harm to the Bill of Rights (4th, 9th, Amendments) under Alito than I am abortion. I wrote last week,

[f]or the Republican Party the real money is in having abortion rights to kick around, so they can rile up the fundamentalist base. There is no greater weapon for the Republican Party than to point to a Democrat and say, "They believe in on-demand abortions."

On a lighter note, I posted about Farris Hassan

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