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January 07, 2006


I just put that quote of Rummy's on Earl's blog. It really stands out now, doesn't it? I'd definitley pay more taxes to keep our troops safer: Who wouldn't? Besides greedy, self-serving republicans, obviously.

Originally, taxes were part of the social contract. We gladly paid taxes because we got something valuable in return: protection from REAL enemies, better roads, working harbors, etc.

The system now is just plain wrong. Grumble.

Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "death and taxes".

Into the fucking meat grinder they go.

What sort of cold calculus was it that went into making the decision to ignore the requests from the field?

This is such a goddamn stupid shithead story it leaves me breathless. So instead of 'burdening' them with extra armor they choose to let them die?!! This is a national fucking disgrace! It's a human fucking disgrace!!

Marquis de Rumsfeld strikes again.

If we could order Rumsfeld to the front lines, I'm sure the armor would magically appear. He should be ashamed!

So what's new? When I was in the Army, (Late 50's.) I lugged a great chunk of scrap iron around for a while, (I was about the only one in our platoon that could lift the damn thing.) called a BAR. A wonderful invention from the First WW. But at least they gave us an asbestos glove to wear when the barrel got too fucking hot to hold on to.

Of course if you had a cold from all the fucking lousy clothes they gave you and living in unheated barracks and you wiped your nose while wearing said glove it might just fall off. Obviously I didn't because I still have mine and believe me I SMELL SHIT!

It's not that the pentagon doesn't have enough money; it's how they choose to spend it. I wrote about it some here, if you care to read it.

This just sucks all around, blogenfreude.

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