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January 01, 2006


I wouldn't be so sure about Darth Cheney being "put out to pasture"; even if he is, he has a few more years here to continue his planet-damaging career.
I do so wish I had some gris gris to put on their doorsteps...

Dear Mr. Blogenfruede:

Thank you for your attention to our newly announced campaign! We feel sure that we have a great team for the difficult task ahead. I was hoping you might help with our new slogan. This is what we have so far:

"Bush Kamirov '08: A Person in Every Pot."

Is it too Herbert Hoover? Please advise.

Here's my short-list (conceived hastily while watching football and nursing the Mother of all Headaches)...

Bush-Lord Voldemort
Bush-Vader (4 years of being called "Master?" Georgie likey!)
Bush-Bush (Jeb, Jenna, Old Babs, maybe even Neil)
Bush-DeLay (Say what you will about the Hammer, but his approval rating's still higher than Dick's.)

Eh, scrap the ones above. Let's just cut to the inevitable...

Bush-Jesus 2008!

I like Bush-Jesus. Very nice.


If he can't get Jesus, my guess is that he'd go with Frist. Shudder.

Jesus is OK, but I think he'd reveal himself to be too much of a peace-n-love pussy on the campaign trail. Someone like Fred Phelps would keep the Jeebo-fascists happy though.

Well, I think it should be some sort of nightmarish woman:
Bush/Lynne Cheney - or, Bush/Karen Hughes

Can't do Condi, she's "colored," and no matter how they try to camouflage it, htese is good ole white boys. Forever. Amen.

Good one, and exactly what I was thinking when I heard his New Year's address.

I don't think he'll repeal the 22nd Amendment; I think he'll throw out the entire constitution and declare the US a monarchy. Laura will be queen, Jenna and Barbara will be princesses, and Jeb will be the crown prince -- can't have girls inheriting the throne, don't you know. I think Babs would really get into that whole Queen Mother thing.


Pat Robertson, of course.

I agree with Isabelita - I don't think Cheney will get dumped - I think he wants to be POTUS; though I do agree that pesky little amendment preventing Bush from 3rd terming it will be the thing that gets shit-canned. After all, Bush said the Constitution was ‘just a fucking piece of paper’. Maybe he’ll advise us to use it, along with all the law books as fuel next winter. God knows they won’t be used for anything else as long as he’s the one in charge!

Everyone knows that boiling people will be fashionable among the people when the masses realize the 2nd Amendment is aiding the terrorists in their fight to destroy our way of life.

The gypsy woman pointed and said a single word "thinner".

Now you're scaring me...

Bush-Meiers ... can't do SCOTUS, settle for the next best

Bush-Coulter ... need some balance on the ticket

Bush - Kim Jong Il

The perfect mating of the Dear Leader with the Dear Leader, "Double your pleasure, double your fun."

My vote is for CHENEY 2008! Why settle for half-evil when you can have pure evil!

It will most likely come down to Hillary vs. Jeb or Hillary vs. McCain...in which I will vote for neither jackass.

Bush-Yukon Gold 2006

Think about it. What could be better than a potato running mate? Everyone loves taters.

Did you happen to see my Ken Lay--George Bush--Karimov post? They're all connected, most likely frat brothers.

I think the 2008 elections will be bypassed and Deacon Dumb will appoint himself King of the World. As Chancellor he will surely appoint who ever happenes to be CEO of Smirnoff at the time.

Then he will get the "Bad Boys" from the CIA in to shut down Dirty Dick's pacemaker to stop any palace revolts getting started.

Come on people...think! The fate of the Free World depends on the Re Reelection of our President in 2008. Dear Leader needs our help! If you're not with us, your against us!

You're with the terrorists! Or the Saddamists, or the Rejectionists, or the Defeatists, or the Fetuses ... something.

Dick Cheney will never die! Because he was never alive to begin with and continues to feed on the blood of the innocent hordes he has murdered.

Ah, Dick the Impaler. There have been recent reports that Vlad is roaming freely in the world. Sphinx has finally exposed Vlad's secret identity. That's why he's rarely seen outside, and never in front of mirrors.

I've got one:
Bush - Quayle

Naaa that would never happen!

Bush - Ronald Reagan's Ghost '08

Hey, Jesus came back, why not the gipper?

I think the Dark Lord will remain behind the scenes, running his puppet king. I'm thinking Bush/Norquist or Bush/Dobson. Norquist would be a great help in getting rid of those pesky government programs like, oh, Medicare, Social Security, the VA, etc. Dobson would be great for really cracking down on the ungodly - everyone not a fundamentalist Christian. Imagine, Touched By An Angel and Lawrence Welk reruns, mandatory prayer in school and the office. It will become a fuzzy and boring Stalinist nightmare.

Yo BF, will you be selling these bumper stickers in the Agitprop Store?

I am seriously considering putting a "Cheney 2008" sticker on my car. The only problem is that I live in a heavily Republican county, so they won't get the joke.

*I* think that the plot of the new video game "Shattered Union" is the most likely.


In 2012... the president, having stolen a farcial 2nd election, is incinerated on his Inauguration by a nuclear (NOT "nuculer", George) device.

Check out the link below to go directly to the Flash trailer for the game! This is what we're headed for when American Citizens allow a dictator to shred the Constitution (that "God-damned piece of paper") with false-flag "terrorism" in the name of "security".


They may not need to bypass the 22nd, they can just claim that Bush was not elected in 2000, that he was appointed by the Supremes, so he is eligible to be elected again. Or that he has not "acted as President, for more than two years of a term to which some other person was elected President". If you add it all up he has not really acted as president more than 2 years altogether.

Sorry I haven't been around commenting much. I got a job with a certain democratic congressional campaign in Texas District 22. Word from the front here is excellent. I'll pass along whatever inside grub I can from time to time. Just wanted to drop in and say hello in the middle of your Crooksandliars.com avalanche. A good honey post too - You know how I like people boiling.

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