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February 08, 2006


Bush's budget is "garnering howls of pain."
I wondered what that racket was...I thought somebody left the Gitmo Channel on (it's new on Time Warner Cable).

A question... on the TSTBP site.. How does Amazon know what my name is?

Crackpot, didn't you know you're famous? Or maybe the DOD did it.

This cartoon-war stuff reminds me of highschool or something.

Well, maybe he that is how he governs -- with picture books???? Can't you just see Rumsy showing him cartoons of how this stuff will work with the war?

Amazon knows everything...

I think we should just send cartoon soldiers to the middle east. Save a lot of money. They don't eat and they say whatever you want them too. Just fill in the bubble. Of course they don't shoot very well...

I found some interesting info on the "cartoons" that have helped generate the rioting across the muslim world. Come by for a read. I don't think that you'll be disappointed.

We could all submit cartoons for our income tax. Can you believe, we are paying for this hogwash?

That "Too Stupid to Be President" site is great. I especially liked the Jeopardy skit -- lousy impersonations, but fine satire.

Bush's budget is "garnering howls of pain."

$2.7 Trillion, by itself, makes me howl in pain.

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