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February 24, 2006



The problem lies not with Tinky Winky per se, but with the fact that the show is only understandable under the influence of ganja. That's why Falwell and the Chinese are so hot on this topic.

Just a thought ;)

Too funny. Falwell siding with the Chinese. Occupational hazard, what? Take a stupid stand and you are cornered into agreeing with those "soulless heathens".

The Teletubies are no more a threat to kids than Spongebob Square Pants. (don't watch regularly so I may have name wrong).

Now if you wanna talk Barney. NO! NO! Please don't talk Barney.

The real reason that China banned them appears to be economic - they compete with Chinese plush speechless characters. Wonder if there's a WTO case in there somewhere ...?

The bottom line is that anyone who thinks that show's a threat to any way of life is beyond insane. Why do these boobs waste time on it? Boggles the mind. I bet the Chinese have an economic reason, indeed.

Evil, evil little creatures dancing and playing with woodland creatures. Next thing you know, they will want to marry and then we will have people marrying teletubbies. That's the logic for sure. If the Chinese are concerned about competition for their own little plush toys, they can corner the market on teletubbie toys. Too logical?

We are so behind on the teletubby pogrom.

Ya would think that neocons could relate to tiny winky----er tinky winky. When Red China bans Sponge Bob's friend, pinky, we will know for sure that globalization is complete. M

'Tis a shame, especially since (after much research and discussion) we have decided that Po is, in fact, Chinese.

Weird. The article says the Chinese rationale is that they don't want any entertainment that mixes cartoons with live action. So "Blue's Clues" is out but "Mulan" is apparently okay?

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