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February 23, 2006


What a bullshit list! My alma mater isn't even on there. I had some very strident American Betraying Ivory Tower Elite Pinko Faggot Boy Fucking Sandal Wearing Fucktard Professors too. I got my BA in English, but I had a thematic minor in "Anarchy and Sodomy."

Actually--no shit--I'm a classmate of Mary Cheney, and Dick gave the commencement address at our graduation in '91.

How does one become a dangerous professor? What are the qualifications? Just wondering....

Buddha wanted her, too.

OK I'm fed up...the link just keeps idling,,sputtering..apparently the bitches won't abide..

I don't even have to read it to know it's bullshit. Why? Because D-Ho wrote it. He's an ASSS of the highest caliber. He and O'Lielly are interchangable in my book.

If you've got a blacklist I want to be on it.

Billy Bragg

Speaking about ruining the minds of the young, is Bill O'Reilly still protecting America from Insane Clown Posse.

Damn, thanks for the list of schools for any future off spring.

How does one become a dangerous professor?----Until your first tenure review. lol been there! M

Does anyone remember 'Fight Back with David Horowitz' in the 1980s? Was that just an LA thing? Nevermind, it was a different guy (same name).

Hey, UCI history prof Mark Levine made the list. If I am lucky enough to get accepted to their M.A. program this fall I'll be sure to take a class from him.

Great list.

Everyone will be fighting to get in the classes taught by the bad boy professors.

Thank Jesus not a single egghead from my alma mater appears on this list. Had that been the case, I might actually feel a minor pang of guilt when I toss their fundraising literature in my do-not-recycle trash can.

P.S. Go Gators!

David Horowitz is an Academia Nut.

I have never sent a penny to my alma mater since I graduated. I am going to find out who this "Cornell University: Matthew Evangelista" person is and send a contribution to his department with my gratitude and respect.

Thank you, David Horowitz. You have identified who the best professors in America are.

That's true!

You should read Michael Berube's blog. He has debates with D.Ho all the time. I haven't read him in awhile, but a few months back there was a good 'un.

You'd think that, if these professors had any affect on politics, the United States would be a lot more liberal.

I am so proud to say that my partner, dear Dr. Pepper, is an academic, and I hope he gets on that list someday. That would be dreamy!

Helen Wheels----
I'll think slow so you can understand, ---------"Liberal"is a misnomer.By both sides,most of the time.
Wouldn't be a half bad situation=by a proper definition. As for Horowitz and his bogus professor, what we have in America are socialist,anti-American,brainwashing,often unqualified,individuals who,in many cases are accepted in their positions more due to the fact that they are stunted in their growth--emotionally,spiritually,& mentally,thereby appealing to kids half their age.Too often,their popularity is mistaken for genuine mentoring and appreciation for intelligent teaching and sharing of life's experience and knowledge.For many of them,their understanding of what they see going on in the world around them and their ability to process information logically,is frequently on par with those minds of half their age.They are still rebellious at 40 or 50,where the appropriate stage is teens into age 20-25.At mid-life,they are immature--Obsessing,fault-finding,attacking and blaming the authority they resent out of their own deep insecurities.
This all has an effect on our country,all right.It's not liberal.It's neurotic,immoral,and a weakening of society at it's base and cornerstone(s).Have you ever studied the various stages of the Roman civilization?Have you ever started looking at the world like an adult would?Individual ideals do not exist in a vacuum?
I bet you say,"Wul,if we have nuclear,who are we to say Iran can't have the bomb?The U.S.is so arrogant,man."
If you are there,I don't think you can be helped.At least not here,....now.
No,..they really are harmful professors.And with the blatant,on-going theme of contempt prior to investigation I see in these sites among these people,I can see you all have loved,defended and followed their every thoughtless meandering.

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