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February 14, 2006


He also claims the Consitution is brittle..

The next year in SCOTUS is gonna be VERY interesting.

Tell him to keep up with his fat-laddened diet!

Dude, is he bust'n a move in that pic? All he needs is some earphones and to move his right hand closer to his head... and it looks like he's spinning some wax. "Constitution," the remix.

I think he is remembering duck hunting with Cheney and chills are scrambling his brain - more than ever. He is one dangerous dude, for sure.

I love it when Antonin talks originalism...gets me all randy!

Scrictly Interpreting,


I think it's time for Scalia and Cheney to go on another duck hunting expedition. If fact they should do this very frequently.

Screw stare decisis. I think that Thomas and Scalia ought to work out their sexual tensions...

Oh, man, when they start talking in the third person, it's not long before the end.

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