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February 04, 2006


Has this image been Photoshopped?

You talked me into it. Go ahead and impeach the creeps.

"unitary executive" Does that require Depends? M

Nixon's ghost is floating through the West Wing mutter, "godamn Heebs," as we speak.

Blogenfreude- hey there a bunch of us bad girl bloggers are having alot of trouble tonight- we are trying to figure out if ALL bloggers and Blogspot folks are having trouble...over seven hours been blocked out now- says we are "UNAUTHORIZED"...EMAIL: enigma4ever@earthlink.net...thanks- anyone else who is having trouble- please email Enigma- we are trying to put together a list and get it to Blogger ( yeah- great another list)..Hang in there blogger folk

Nice crotch grab, Jr.

Naw, they're both covering their naughties.

When the President (may God continue to bless him) talks about "staying the course," he knows of which he speaks. 30 years? Just about as long as Roe v Wade's been around.

We conservatives are nothing if not patient. Pathologically patient, but still.

Blogenfreude! Wherefore art thou?
Dammit if I don't come back here.

And the Kennedy brothers actually were DOING warrantless wiretaps FORTY+ years ago. Get over yourself already.

Nice photo. Re: wiretapping, etc. Every time I look at the administration rationale about Congress supposedly authorizing this, I can only shake my head in disbelief. The most cursory examination of this claim makes it fall apart like wet toilet paper. I mean, I've come to accept bald lies from them but this is impressive by any standard. Yeah, right, "rule of law," uh-huh.

Passing FISA and having Congress explicitly deny permission of domestic taps,regardless of no war powers without war declaration by Congress anyway, apparently counts for nothing.

And the Kennedy brothers actually were DOING warrantless wiretaps FORTY+ years ago.
And that was ... oh yeah, before FISA. Snap out of it Jam. Troll at blogs where you have a chance ...

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