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February 20, 2006


Are you putting me on???? We're having a Pick The Ugliest Damn President contest to celebrate the day off with shallow immaturity. I certainly hope Agitprop will show the proper respect and celebratory spirit! Miss seeing your mug around.

It won't be long before they wave the paper tiger and dance through the streets yelling terror, terror, terror. Shish! When does this end, for pity sake?

Uh huh. Why am I not surprised. Hey you missed out on the whole Esperanto affair. It sure was fun. Have you been working too hard?

This should be filed under "WTF?!?" along with anything to do with Katrina and general elections.

If an advisory board is created in the Bush administration, does it make a sound?

Bush must have hit the bottom of the barrel of campaign working incompetents to appoint. Of course, that was obvious after he appointed Harriet Miers.

Perusing this article, I learned that the committee DOES exist, like the Constitution, on paper.

Is our nation's most hallowed document less real because it never meets?

Yeah, that's right. Just TRY to argue with that sound logic!

But Rex - you know what his highness thinks of the Constitution - just another god damn piece of paper - like this one.

I'm surprised to find you posting on this. Everything is fine. Just fine. Had you not noticed? No, I feel sure you did. Nothing to see here. Thank you. Move along.

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