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February 25, 2006


Rove is working on the swift-boating of Mr. Buckley as we speak.

Let us hope that Buckley is the keeper of the floodgates and more leave the ring of thugs.

Kathy's right: Go over and look at the comment section at Protien Wisdom. It's "that old 'white shoe' elitist dinosaur retroCon..." "WFB is soooo 20th Century"

Next thing you know they'll be claiming that he (the fucking "father of conservativism") was "faking it" all these years and that he's as Leftier than Che.

Why does Buckley hate America so?

William F Buckley, the latest traitor and Al Qaeda supporting terrorist sympathizer.

Who knew?

Cool your jets, hippies! That wasn't the real WFB writing that piece, but rather his famous America-hating impersonator, Robin Williams!

(I probably just dated myself with that comment.)

Cool our jets??? Hippies cool their hybrid engines.

I hope Buckley doesn't have a wife that's a covert agent in the CIA. Or an engagement to go quail hunting with Dick.

Great comments!

Buckley talking about this is sort of like Jimmy Carter talking about this ... no one will even slow down to look.

First Francis Fukuyama, now William F Buckley? Like rats deserting a sinking ship.

Yup. Let the swiftboating begin,indeed.


"DOG PILE" We'll bring the plastic bag! MandT

The Ghost of Goldwater rises up, lifts up little Bubble Boy, Rummy, and Chappaquid-Dick in his great white ghastly hands, shakes them all silly, and then smashes them down deep into the ground, growling, "Deficits DO matter, assholes. Die, die, die."

That pic of Buckley reminds me of the leprous father (of Robert the Bruce) in Braveheart.

Oh, wait. Buckley's our friend now, right? Must say nice things.

Its a sure sign of trhe Apocolypse.

Notice Buddha hangs out at Protein Wisdom alot... should we be suspicious??

Domino's Pizza Founder to Build Catholic Town

Intteresting - article about more craziness

You know - outside of his overly precious upper east side Brahmin impersonation - Buckley used to at least be amusing. During his heyday in the 70's, I would view his performances with a wry eye; I mean - who else outside of Capote or Vidal or Mailer could you count on for pseudo-intelligentsia entertainment? He’s become somewhat irrelevant these last few years - his cerebral style replaced by the viscera slicing preferred by Reed, Gingrich and DeLay. Frankly – it’s good to see the old warhorse back in the saddle. I may not have agreed with his opinions, and I always had a good laugh at his pretentious delivery – but I never thought he was shamming. He believed what he said – right or wrong; and that puts him head and shoulders above anyone currently laying claim to his seat in the invisible House of Lords.

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