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February 12, 2006


Great shot. Were still getting it here in Ulster County, but not as much. Let your dissatisfaction with the status quo keep you warm.

We are actually getting snow in Atlanta. Light and the temp is just at 32 but it is snow. Stay warm and watch those hot toddies.

Wow! It looks beautiful. I hope it's not too much of a pain. We had heavy flurries for just a little while yesterday in Birmingham -- not enough to stick.

Very nice ... That reminds me. I need to get out and get some Prospect Park pictures today.

I was just kidding when I said it wouldn't stick.

But it'll be all melted by Tuesday. Tops.

28 and sunny here in Central New York, how topsy turvy you guys get dumped on and we are unscathed...lol. Is it April's fools day yet?

P.S., don't forget it's Darwin Day!

Haha. How the heck did CNY come out unscathed!

WOW, blogenfruede... it looks cold here.

I'm going to a pool party later here in LA.

I like that photo very much; always been a fan of a good black and white shot.
Which would be shades of gray out here in Seattle usually, except for the Technicolor weather we've been having for a few days...

Wow! We watched a couple of shots of it on the news and here you are right in the middle of it. Exciting.

It's 85 here and I just got back from the dog beach where we frolicked in the surf (big waves!).

But those are GORGEOUS pictures...

Really Really beautiful in a Steigleitz powdered sugary kind of way ( I think I just slaughtered his name...oh well..he's dead- he'll never know)...hope it was light fluffy fun snow- not the heavy heart attack snow...and that you found some Baileys and Whipped cream and made those drinks...could have been worse- Could have been hunting with the Lord of Lies and met Friendly Fire....( hmmm, is THIS the Creamy Dress Moment????)...take care and stay warm ......

Bet you took this one. Didn't have to go outside. Not like the one your Lady took later.

Happy Valentines day to you both. Going out to my fav resturant later as they are re-opening after a month's refurbshing. (Won't need snow shoes either.)

Terrific photo. Thanks for sharing it.

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