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February 07, 2006


OT, but I'm on a network right now that won't let me send email (go figure) -- the Bushies are once again "supporting the troops" by forcing them to pay for equipment destroyed in combat.

And...deficit? What deficit?

It also omitted any analysis on how discretionary "off-budget" spending would affect the deficits and how much discretionary spending they anticipated.

Like you said...nothing to see.

IRAN! IRAN! IRAN! Stop trying to change the subject....IRAN! IRAN! IRAN!

Amazing how the Bushcos work the numbers. They either make up ones that will support them or leave out ones that tell the truth. We should all have this much fun at income tax time.

I'm with Kvatch. Talking about the so-called "defecit" only gives aid and comfort to the enemy.

Now watch me hit this shot.


Everyone knows deficits don't matter. Reagan proved that.

So I say repeal ALL taxes and lets bankrupt the government for the hell of it. Come on boys! It's time to loot!!

Hungern der Biest!

Like Cheney said on Lehrer last night, our country has NEVER been in better fiscal shape, thanks to dear leader's abilities... I thought I'd puke!

And this is why the Bush Administration is, despite all its lip service, at war with public education. They don't want people to be able to do the math.

Fewer and fewer people are able to ask the tough question, which is "How are we going to pay for all this?"

Their master plan is to bankrupt the government.

George just doesn't miss a beat. He is a simple man with a simple strategerry. I can almost hear him mumbling. "Just keep the Titanic moving at flank speed...cuz, like.....that will keep the water from sneakin' in...with the ship moving so fast, and all".
Yup, that about covers it. Just run between the raindrops. Just rip the friggin' page outa da book and the ship keeps crankin' to whatever destination fantasy brings us to. And when the boat sinks, Rethugs will proclaim themselves the underwater captains of America.

The trouble, in the end, is that not enough passengers of our glorious Love Boat (or is it Fantasy Island?) Nation care to get involved enough to even get educated on the issue of reality. But that's a whole 'nother post.

Or Pepper, maybe more and more people SHOULD ask "is our government stealing?"

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