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February 09, 2006


Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrgggghhhh! What else is there to say?

I'm picturing a small barrel filled to capacity with very large fish. Standing next to it is a blind, drooling, waterheaded idiot waving around a plastic light saber. Oh, and he has a "Hillary/Leiberman '08" button on his snot-covered lapel.


Nice imagery. His name wouldn't be Howard Dean by any chance?

Why is this jackass in the White House trotting out four year old terror plots now? Is he losing his re-election bid....again?

Love the graphic.

On the Democrats, they are doing their best to remain insignificant. Bush appears to be rallying the gullable.

Wish I could claim responsbility for the graphic - trying to find out who did it so I can credit.

Is God's Diagnostician an elected post? or an appointment? Or better, a recess appointment?

I hear South America is nice this time of the century, know where I can get some cheap tickets?

There are still people who wildly support this dis-administration. During the last peace protest, one woman drove by and yelled, "I LOVE GEORGE BUSH!", and another, "GEORGE BUSH IS MY HERO!". They obviously have very limited expectations of the Prez. Good summary of the insanity, Blogenfreud.

O.K. The Israeli intel community just admitted that invading Iraq was not a good idea. When will the head of our intel community admit the same thing?

I now feel a pounding force inside my head.

One of the saving graces of being an America-loving conservative is the knowledge that no matter how massively we screw up, the opposition is too disorganized to take advantage. What Will Rogers said long ago about not belonging to any organized party, thank Jesus, still holds true today!

wow. I didn't know the Shin Bet said that!

Thanks for the comprehensive summary!

It was a horrible day for the madministration and yet, NOTHING will come of it, because the damn dems HAVE NO FUCKING SPINE. Sorry.... I am very depressssssed.

Okay, so I am confused- the MadCow Administration is having the week from Hell- but the democrats aren't circling the blood in the water- hell they should be heaving chum and Repugs into the swirling waters....I don't get it- are they just climbing onto the Titanic for the ride? or do they too want to lick the Iceberg....What will it take for them to find their balls?????!!! I mean does the King have to do a goat on the lawn with Fox on Zoom is that what it is going to take???

Every one seems to be cheering and dancing about like something will come out of all this. In a pigs arse say I. The Demos couldn't find their ass with a flashlight in one hand and a road map in the other so once again they will dither the day away. (Is that a song title perhaps?)

Oh, I don't think it's all hopeless. We still have Murtha and Reid, and it did cheer my soul to see Leahy calling Alberto-VO5 on his bullshit (clip shown on the Daily Show earlier this week).

But I'm with Rob. If we see a Clinton/Lieberman ticket shaping up, we're lost for sure.

The elections are over before they ever began. Here's some good advice from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy:

Resistance is useless.

Appropriate, n'est-ce pas?

Resistance is NEVER useless....Resistance has been my existance for almost five years...it is all about the Fight and HOW and WHEN to fight back...and that is my point...if all of us are fighting but the DC Elected Folks are doing Martinis with Chris Matthews we ALL are screwed...I am a child of the Sixties, I refuse to shrug my shoulders, and sigh "Oh, Well"....( and in 1972-1974 if NO ONE had Cried FOUL- Nixon would have finished his Crooked Regime...think about it...) sorry for the little rant BF....I am now putting the soapbox away...

If Cheney is thrown in jail for Plamegate, and Bush is impeached and onvicted because of the NSA scandal, doesn't this leave Denny Hastert in control?

Pipe dreams....:(

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