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March 07, 2006


Begging for votes? My God, man, you are a Democrat!

That said, congrads on your multiple nominations. I've heard it said that it's an honor just to be nominated, but we all know that's "loser-talk." Now, I know a few boys on the board at Diebold, and they say they can deliver Ohio to you. For a small price, of course...

...your soul (mwahahahaha!)

So, you know, get back to me on that.

I am disconsolate and envious. But I might vote for you. I'm still cruising through the nominees 'cause I don't want to vote for just my friends, now do I?

Dead people and Felons are lining up right now to get their votes cast...

Congrats! Everyone I know is up there, practically... except me (sob!).

Democrat, at least you have a Koufax pic with a Brooklyn Dodger hat on.

Helenwheels, it's ok, I'm not up their either. I'll be throwing a vote in blogenfreude's direction, though. Congrats.

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