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March 22, 2006


Iraqnophobia? no that's a movie.
The Odd Cripple
Ali in the Family
Ramadi Vice
Leave it to Bremer
The $9,000,000,000 Question
Have IED Will Travel
CSI: Baghdad

The Honeymoon-is-overers
Chalabi Knows Best
Leave it to Halliburton
Curb Your Fanaticism

Burqa or no Burqa?
Sectarian Feud

Six Feet Under Baghdad
Fundamentalist Muslim Knows Best
WMD's Company
Perfect Jihaad-ers
Full House of Saud
Insurgents in the City
Everybody Hates Saddam
Saddam & Condi
Who's the Baathist?
I Love Lucifer
Chalabi and the Man
Saddam & Son

They are all great - one entry per person though - pick your best one.

Barney Mullah

I love baaad puns . . .

Is that Chalabi with cheese and crackers? M


Welcome back al-Sadr

(damn I wanted "Chalabi and the Man" first)

All My Children Died in a Roadside Bomb
Friends and Enemies
Leave it to Sistani

Here I am! Iraq me like a hurricane.

The Dukes of Hussein...

Sorry dude! Final answer

2319 is Enough

My Mother the Carbomber
Are You Being Shot?
Joanie Loves Chalabi
Burqua Buddies
The Baqubah Hillbillies
3rd Rock From the Sunni
Two and a Half Mullahs

Well...If I have to choose one, then I am going to go with

WMD's Company

They are all great - one entry per person though - pick your best one.

Okay, I'll go with Curb Your Fanaticism.

How about "SNAFU Daily"? Situation Normal All Fu@ked Up Daily. Can I have a shirt? Can I?, Can I?

"Too Close for Conflict"
"Bosom Bombers"
"All in the Fatwah"

That's all I got. Sorry. You all are wayyyyyy toooo funny and clever!

Some damn good ones. Too bad I'm late to the party.

Jihadi Days

Snakes in a Desert

Extremely late...
The Houdi Dahoudi Show

As Iraq Turns

A bunch of road-bombing insurgents take over two apartments in one of Saddam's old palaces, and their antics and hijinks are recorded in the long running sitcom "FrIEDs"

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