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March 08, 2006


Speaking for all of us, we do not need or want another war anywhere. Enough all ready!

It will take a while before I have a track record, but I've blogged several times about the indicators Bush will invade Iran including this latest.

I just wish there were a way to stop this maniac. He's doing his best to ensure WW III and no one seems to be worried.

Its necessary to qualify that last sentence. Many people around the world are very worried about the idiot's actions. Only Americans seemed to ignore the signs.

Isn't this a "you and what army" situation?

How will Bush fight another war on another front? He's already tapped out the reserves. Who's left? Cub scout and Brownie troops?

And I think we know how many Young Republican Yellow Elephants will enlist in the NeoCon's new "Longer War." Like Dick Cheney, they always seem to have "other priorities" -- like cleaning Cheeto residue off their keyboards.

Talk about a no win situation. Of course, attacking Iran puts the "end of days" believers into a frenzy. After all it is why they voted for him. Who better than fundementalist George to hasten the end of the world and bring about the apocolypse.

This is obviously something that the founding fathers has hoped for when they created this nation.

God save the King!

Hellloooooo draft! I hope you guys are all under 42 years of age! Shrubya's been doing all sorts of things no one likes. He doesn't give a rat's ass - the Dubai ports deal alone proves that. If he decides to reinstate the draft, no one's going to stop him.

Can we afford another war? Idiots.

I get even money we con Israel into doing our dirty work by July.

Look for planted news stories involving Iranian support of the Iraqi insurgency.

Israel is going to act if we don't they say

I meant I hope you all are OVER 42 years of age.... duh-hoy!

If and when the US attacks Iran, it will not be with ground troops. It's not possible. We don't have the numbers.

Remember this from last year? Cheney said he would have no qualms about nuking Iran.

This is so Strangelovian it's not funny.

Major King Kong: YEEEEEEEHAAAAWW!!!!!

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