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March 28, 2006


What a hoot! I think Jesus appeared on the wall of some highway up near Chicago not too long ago. He wasn't too, busy, so he said, "Gosh, guess I'll go over to the overpass and make an appearance in the concrete." He was real bored that day.

What a lovely photo of a kelp forest. That's an example of one of the true paradises, which are only found on this planet. By the time it's too late, and they've all been befouled and destroyed, not even a fraction of humans will realize they've lost the only paradise that ever existed.
This race sucks, for the most part.

Heck, that's nothing---Harry Hound left portraits of Bush, Cheney, and Rummy in the driveway yesterday. M

Lovely photo. I don't think Jesus or Mohammed would mind at all riding around on a pretty fish. I think they would enjoy the ride. It's just the religious nuts that would be bothered by being part of nature.

Hey, I think I see Daryl Hannah in there.

Can you believe that cunt Hamsher banned me again from FDL? I left one little comment: "Silence is Golden." That's it. Not only did I get banned again, she even deleted that comment.

I guess she forgot to ban me when FDL moved to its new digs. I'm even re-banned on the old site. I got banned, again, from a defunct site. What the fuck happened to Hamsher when she was a child that she has to devote so much of her time fanatically seeking out and punishing enemies?

For any of you reading this, if you've blogrolled FDL on your sites, take it off now. They can do this to you. A guy on DKos wrote a diary last Sunday complaining of the same thing. People stuck up for Jane, saying it coujld be a Haloscan error. Uh huh. This ain't no "error."

This is deliberate. The top of the box says that I've been banned. It can happen to you. So if you've blogrolled that worthless bitch, unroll her now.

Great. Now the Islamo-fascists will burn Sea World to the ground.

OK, then.

hmm, I think I saw Mary in the Toilet Bowl the other day...so what does that mean?...was she looking for the Blessed Fish ? hmm, or maybe TidyBowl Fumes have melted my braincells....

At least it's nice to see that all the loonies aren't on the Christian side of the fence isn't it.

In other news, angry Muslims stormed the Atlantis Embassy in Denmark.

Actually, it's the word Allah on the fish. You can see the fish here. They're Tiger Oscars.

I have a black cat with a white cross on his chest. Does that mean anything?

Allah be raised?


I was "banned" from C&L for almost a month.

What happens is, Haloscan allows the blog owner to ban a spread of IPs from one ISP. It sounds like yours got caught up in the net. It takes a little time and some patience with the blog owner to get it cleared. Write to Jane and ask her.

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