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March 06, 2006


Yes! They have turned us upside down and wrong-side out. Wish we could run them out of town on a rail - full of nails.

You forgot to mention Cheney has the same neo-con beliefs as Bolton. Speaking of Fukuyama, I caught his song and dance performance on CPAN avoiding questions regarding his post PNAC conversion.

Did the boys of the 101st Fighting Keyboards ever get around to debunking the poll about the US soldiers that want to "cut and run?"

These creeps won't stop until we are in a full scale world war III with he entire middle east.

It serves several purposes for them

1) Population Reduction (Kissingerism)
2) Massive Profit Potential from the War Machine
3) Ability to excersie absolute power over our citizenry.

It's sad but most people won't wake up until it's too late.

Check out my post here and then tell me you think we won't attack Iran.

Supreme Court Rules Against Schools in Military Recruiting Case

Can we send Bolton to Iran to lead the attack?

Why don't we just drop him out of a Plane over Iran- that would be damage enough right? ( is that what you meant Kathy?)

It's just the standard run up to a new war. While Bush publically supports efforts of the UN all of the other mouthpieces begin to hint around about our willingness to use force. Rice did it. Rumsfeld did it. Cheney did it, and now Bolton...

History repeats itself.

Hey Now!----Add John Edwards to the list.Before bestowing the AIPAC crowd with God's blessing,John drawled mightily,not just that we have not done enough to support Israel,but that Iran should,under NO circumstances,be allowed to join the nuclear community.Along with preaching that the U.S.not give Palestine dollar one with Hamas at the helm,he spewed enough hot gas to float the neo-con baloon.

Ol' Yosemite Sam is geting fired up about Iran eh? He ain't shit with out the ChickenHawk and Foghorn Leghorn backing him up.

Bolton's predictions are right about Iran. Why else would we be deploying AC130 gunships to the region?

Get ready for Shock & Awe Part II.

Bombs away!

"Why don't we just drop him out of a Plane over Iran- that would be damage enough right? (is that what you meant Kathy?)"

Yep, that would do it. :)

We need to go to war with Iran like a gold fish needs a bike to get around. Bad idea, but I cannot stand Bolton, so there you go.


Las Vegas Hockey Team Runs Cheney Hunting Vest Promotion

This is disturbing

Afghan Man Faces Death for Allegedly Converting to Christianity

This is proof that he may not know what he is doing

Bombing at Iraq Recruiting Center Kills 40

when'l this stop

Nine U.S. Troops Killed in Iraq; Three Missing


Zarqawi: 'What Is Coming Is Even Worse'

Moussaoui Deliberations Enter Second Week

this is crazy...

Are people still payiong attendtion to what is happening

Bombs Kill GI, Seven Iraqis

this does not shock me at all

Bush Snubs Gore Film on Global Warming


Maryland Jury Convicts Muhammad of Six Counts of Murder for Sniper Shootings

what do you think they will do about this

Hamas Militants Storm Palestinian TV Facility

there may be a war ...

Fatah Gunmen Go on Anti-Hamas Rampage

quite something

Al Qaeda-Linked Group Claims Kidnapping of GIs

I am surprised this did not pass

Flag Desecration Amendment Fails in Senate by One Vote

I am surprised this did not pass

Flag Desecration Amendment Fails in Senate by One Vote

Japan Drafts U.N. Resolution Condemning North Korea's Missile Testing

pretty insane...

this is quite ...

Suicide-by-Gas Eyed in NYC Building Explosion, Collapse

do they really want this to end

Lebanon's Parliament Speaker Rejects Rice Proposal

this race could have a huge impact

Poll: Sen. Lieberman Cutting Into Challenger Lamont's Lead in Democratic Primary

I have something quite notable...

Both Hezbollah and Israeli Leaders Declare Victory

Both Hezbollah and Israeli Leaders Declare Victory

well may be things may get better now

what should be done with this

11 British Terror Plot Suspects Charged With Conspiracy to Commit Murder

Oh man this ain't great

Nearly 50 Killed in Iraq Violence

I am not sure what to do....

America Marks 5-Year Anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001, Attacks

can you see this - what a day of rememberance

America Marks 5-Year Anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001, Attacks

not too good

Bush to Hold Meetings in New York Ahead of United Nations General Assembly Speech

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