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March 24, 2006


Aw, his poow wittew feewings got hurt. Too bad.

Yes, it sucks to be him. Not as much as it sucks to be women in this Country, tho.

Whoa...I'm just coming into this...did they pull the plug on Box Turtle Ben? Right on!

As you all know, I am a conservative, but not a partisan

Gee, I wonder if all the people who worked for Senator Cornyn and whose blogs specifically refer to Republican victories are as non-partisan as Ben?

D'dddd don't g-ggo Ben. Sniff. People were so mean to you. Just cuz you lied. Over and over.

Well, who really cares about lies? Really? Except like, liberals. And some others. With morals. And, and, ethics. And integrity. And honor. But, who ELSE cares, Ben? No one. that's who.


Looks like the Post did the investigating it should have done before hiring the guy. Had they done so, they wouldn't be looking so foolish now.

Haw haw haw! What a shit-assed fuckwit he is. The Repugs keep trying to give their little entitled-feeling young'uns jobs they have no right to have. What's next? The Bush Twin Twats running some govmint agency, like, oh, say, FEMA? No, they could replace Rummy!
Gawd, this lot sickens me beyond description.


this guy can't be older than 12.

Media Matters has a partial rebuttal to Domenech's non mea culpa. Worth reading.

Suck is as suck does

An admitted plagiarizer and now self admitted martyr of America.

Did you read the comments on his apology post? Everyone was slapping him on the back like he just found the cure for cancer. "You apologized for plagiarizing other people's work? Come here, you knucklehead. I love ya!"

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