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March 23, 2006


I still haven't figured out why they bothered to put a pacemaker in Crooked Lip's hollow chest.

He can keep it at 68 since he doesn't have to pay the heating bills. :-) The rest of us can't, because we do.

Also, this stuff about having all the tv's tuned to Fox is very predictable. However, I'd like him to view a continuous loop of various "Daily Shows" this might be amusing for him.

I love the picture you found. He looks like like he ain't got no love and is about to cry...

Throw Hillary in the room and we can have us a production of No Exit!

"including a suite chilled to 68 degrees" any warmer and the Chenacukla would start to smell like rot. M

Did someone just throw a Sartre reference in here? How typical...what, American philosophy isn't good enough for you hippies?

Speaking of philosophy, Cheney also carries a Bible with him wherever he goes...for inspiration, but also to protect him from the satanic hippie horde.

What a pussy. He can't change the channel his damn self? I find it interesting that there's no mention of the cryogenic chamber.

More light!! He wants all the lights on AND extra lamps. Is that because he misses being able to be exposed to the sun?

...including a suite chilled to 68 degrees

Well at least it's not 75. Though of course we know that saving energy by turning the thermostat down is a sign of personal virtue but *IS NOT* an energy strategy.

Jeeze, there are still hippies around? Where, where? Let's commune! lol M

Lest we forget the defibrilator, or does he have to charge up the giver of life (pacemaker) nightly?

One must also remember that he got his dough from Big Oil, and must keep it in business. TURN OFF THE FUCKING LIGHTS!

The sour puss is because he can't set his giver of life for Viagra. Besides, do we want a new army of vampires ruling Washington? If his daughter wasn't a lesbian, he would have all the gays and lesbians shipped to SF in boxcars like Hoover did to the Bonus Army.

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