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March 17, 2006


Unfortunatley I bleieve this is what is about to happen. Why else is Hallburton building all those prison camps? And don't forget what happened the last time a government built such places on a grand scale. And it wasn't just Jews they put in them either. Anyone with a differing political view went in too. And most of them came out in a box. Never forget this. These madmen must be stopped!

Have you seen Zirkle's website? It's a must-read!

Chopping off heads? I have no doubt that if you could capture the beheadings on film, and set it all to some bad 70's porn music, Americ-haters everywhere would gladly pay $29.95 per copy.

These people are the WMD in this country - people full of hate and venom. I don't fear them as much as some of their followers who may actually do what the nutjobs are saying. Isn't there a law against inciting violence?

Just stopping in to say hi to you Blogenfreude and hoping all is well.

I kind of wish this guy would get his way, if only because I would never again have to hear a right-wing bloviator say 'at least our people aren't going around cutting off heads'.

I'm stupid.


How much do you want to bet he has an extensive collection of porn at home? And that he's feeling really guilty about it?

O.K. now that I've read the article, I know that he has a collection of porn for (ahem) "research purposes".

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The guillotine was only for debate purposes in my press release and only for those incredibly rare situations where at least 4 witnesses exist to rape, not just molest, of children under 12. If anyone has 4 convictions for raping 11 years olds and under, we need to impeach some judges.
Tony Zirkle

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