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March 31, 2006


Do you remember the 5th of November?!

Yeah, the ol' Lords must have watched V for Vendetta. The sight of Parliament exploding was too much to take.

Better start burning your Sex Pistols and Clash records. Anarchy in the UK has now been added to the BBC's banned list.

It seems to me that the definition ought to contain soemthing that refers to making deals with GWB.

lordi, lordi what next? M

Aren't they ready to march that bozo into a cell yet?

I know, but they still have something that resembles a free press on that side of the Atlantic.

They're a very protective lot over there...I had an English friend (this was in '94) who had never seen or read A Clockwork Orange, as it was still banned in the UK. It may still be.

Clockwork Orange is filthy rubbish!

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