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March 09, 2006


Rumor has it that Chertoff will be asked to step down and that Pat Robertson heads the "a-list" of candidates to replace him in the Department of Homeland Faith.

Word is Santorum will be looking for a job after next November...

I'm waiting for King Bush to take a Pat Robertson approach and say something like

"if we get hit again it will be God's punishment for continuing to allow abortion, gay marriage, and our insistance on teaching evolution. I can only do so much as President, the rest is up to you sinners to repent or persih"

Wonder if that program applies to all faiths or just the big C. That would be an interesting test.

This makes me wanna puke. Half our population is that stupid? I knew it was bad but not THAT bad...


people always side with religion when they fear for their mortal soul. Fear works for god, and it works for Bush.

Evolution is a lie. Only the Holy Buy-bull speaks the truth! Hoo-rah!

Diebold poll.

I heard that all those internment camps that Halliburton was recently contracted to build will have chapels. Halleluah, brother, pass the bread and water.

I'm prayin' fer a faith-based impeachment...

Hold up. I thought there was a little something called "separation of church and state." I mean, do churches have trouble raising money on their own? Why do they get to be subsidized by the government?

scraping vomit off my keyboard.....Is VooDOO considered Faithbased ?....cause I have lost faith sticking damn pins in this little Bush Doll....

Undone Trembling

I hope the president nominates Talibangelist Pat Robertson to head this thing. He could protect the homeland by issuing fatwas against foreign leaders and asking God to send hurricanes to wipe out countries. They'd have to change the terror alert threat level chart to something more Biblically appropriate.

Iran is in our Coordinates !

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