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March 04, 2006


These cars remind me of big, clunky shoes. I don't know what they are trying to tell us - yes, they are fuel effecient (maybe) and they look like big ol' fat cars. I bought a Scion last year - super fuel effecient and Toyota for longevity. Could that be an old Howard Johnson's motel in the first pic and note the porter carrying the luggage in - yeah right. That's gone too.

The guy driving that ugly-ass Maybach looks like he's gonna hurl! And rightly so.

I think this car is uglier than the lot of 'em.

Yeah, what's with the bloaty look? Maybe they are mirroring American society as it gets fatter and fatter? I actually love cars that look cartoony, so I dig the VW bug and mini coopers. But I hate blowed-up looking fat-ass roady hoggy cars (esp. Hummers).

You forgot to mention the Corvair!

"Is it homelier than a Hummer/"----Hummers aren't homely. They're butt ugly. M

I don't know what is uglier about the Maybach. The price or the design. I'll stick with my boxy and it knows it Volvo station wagon.

Corvairs? Sort of fancied a convertible meself ...

I was a little kid, and a friend of the family had one with a dyslexic fault: the lettering on it spelled "STUBEDAKER."

Two words for you. "Le" and "Car."

Le Car a/k/a the Renault 5. I'd forgotten, since most of them have rusted away to nothing. Not so much ugly as ... well, OK, ugly.

I think Le Car is cuuuute. And I like the Corvair, too. So there: Nyah, nyah!

What about the Edsel? That thing was way uglier than the Studebaker.

then you must think the early 60s mercedes are ugly too.. they are very much like the studebaker styling.. and oh by the way.. 42years later mines still on the road.. ugly? maybe, well built.. absolutely.

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