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March 14, 2006


Hmm... that's a dilemma. See, if you start living on canned tuna, you'll die of mercury poisoning, since shrubya lowered the standards on pollution and all, y'know, years ago, but maybe death from mercury poisoning isn't as painful as the bird flu? I think it also takes longer.

I understand Laura has also stockpiled Tuna Helper.

So, could you please explain how tuna and powdered milk are going to help? Cure the flu maybe, or just buy us sometime to hide indoors? Weird.

Good morning guys. You have no OT. Sorry to invade. This is important.

I posted this here:

comments section at 7:26 am. I am looking for a viral marketing campaign. If you are with me on this and post it on other blogs, please let me know at TLC, we will keep track there.

I really appreciate your help, this will be effective.

"There are no problems only solutions." - John Lennon

I'll tell you why we get excited. We have been asking, begging, complaining, anticipating, waiting for someone, anyone, to scream truth to power. To tell it like it is. Someone has.

Russ Feingold

Since yesterday I have done some poking around and reading about Senator Feingold. I have only been following him since the fight began over the UNPatriot Act. Well, turns out, Sen Feingold has been fighting for America and Americans for a long time.

You can read where he stands on the issues here and here you can see that I am not the only want that wants him to be President.

I have a plan. I would like to ask everyone's help.

I suggest that each and every one of us send Senator Feingold a thank you card. Remember when mom made you send one to grandma after your birthday? Perhaps we include a $5 or $10 dollar donation in that thank you card with a call for him to be President? Lets send them to the Green Bay office.

(Can't send to DC 'cause it takes 2 months to screen them.)

Now, let's just imagine if we get this campaign going on all of the blogs that everyone here visits on a regular basis? What if he receives 5000 thank you cards? 10,000 thank you cards? How many thank you cards flooding the Green Bay office do you think it will take to make the evening news?

While we are at it, let's take a few minutes and call our Senators and tell them to support Feingold's Resolution.

He has stood up against unfair trade, too much military spending, for civil liberties, for saving US jobs, for the environment. The more I read, the more I like.

So, how about we all spend a few minutes and 39 cents send a thank you card. We have the power to make a difference. Let's get excited.

What say you?

I am writing my thank you note and including a little check and mailing it today.

Posted by Anjha at March 14, 2006 07:26 AM

I'm sure that someone, somewhere in the Bush Administration has stock in whatever companies are producing all this tuna and powdered milk we’re supposed to be shoving under our bed along with the plastic and duct tape. And in case you’re not sure what to do with all that duct tape - here's a couple of guys who are more than happy to help.

Duct Tape Department of Homeland Security

So, could you please explain how tuna and powdered milk are going to help? Cure the flu maybe, or just buy us sometime to hide indoors? Weird.

I agree. Why couldn't we stockpile SPAM and powdered milk. The Mrs. hates fish, and SPAM is so versatile.

Jeebus. Bird flu: no poultry; mercury poisoning: no tuna; mad cow: no milk, powdered or otherwise. What the hell is left? Ahhhh...Twinkies!

Now how in the hell am I going to shove all those cans of tuna and powdered milk under my bed?


I guess that's better than letting us eat cake...


Monte Python anyone?

If I put all this food under my bed, the animals will have a feast. I might take this admonition seriously if I thought Bushco ever takes any threat seriously. Does Donald Rumsfeld own Starkist stock along with his Tamiflu holdings?

And, as usual, the poor wil be the least prepared. They can't afford to buy extra food to hide under the bed. Does it occur to Bushco that perhaps the government should prepare?

Canned tuna and powdered milk? Sounds sensible to me!

Unless, of course, it's IMPORTED canned tuna and powdered milk...or worse, FRENCH!!!

Will cat food do? yes, yet another Duct Tape moment...

Yes, I would stock up on cat food before months of martial law and Bush incompetence force you and your precious to decide who will be for dinner.

Remember that you are on your ownership except for the corporate government's necessary prying into your business to keep you free.

Cat food, I thought that was Bush's Medicare plan?

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