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March 05, 2006


Looks like a golf cart or a riding mower wonder well you would do in a crash

I love it with all my heart. That is cute to the nth degree.

I saw one of those in L.A. I want one!!!

Well, Mercedes says you can't have one ...

it's so cute...looks like you could put it in your pocket and take it home...I wouldn't mind having one...I have a hunch my teenage 6'4" son might not fit in it...Is it smaller than a Mini ?

But, does it eat cat food or dog food? M

Apparently they are all the rage in some parts of Europe. We had a visiting professor over from Sweden a few months back and he said lots of people drove Smart Cars.

So. Cute. I want the two seater. But I wonder how safe they are?

Cluseau drives this in the newest "Pink Panther". Really cool. I'd drive it in a European city, but not anywhere in the USA - I cherish my life too much.

What an odd looking little thing! I would guess it's perfect for city living though. I must say I agree with Coturnix - just a little too 'precious' for American life, I think. Hell - I wouldn't even drive one on Long Island!

OK, Dr. P would never fit in that thing in a million years, but can you imagine how easy it would be to parallel park? Ah, the fantasies of parking anywhere, anytime in San Francisco! Whee!

Not only is it hella cute, but you only have to feed the hampsters pelletized alfalfa and change their bedding once a week. Talk about a deal!

My back is hurting just thinking about squeezing my 6'3" frame in that thing. I can feel my discs slipping even as I type. I used to pull my back muscles sqeezing into a Saturn.

I saw tons of those little cuties when in Rome, there was even a shop where you could buy Smart car merchandise not too far from the Piazza di Spagna.

I'm not sure why Mercedes has not brought them to America, but I suspect it's a $$ factor. They'd have to retool production to bring them into line with American regulations, and given that Smart cars are probably only going to sell in very limited American markets, I would think the enterprise would not be profitable for Mercedes.

Imagine how much street parking would be freed up if everyone switched to those things.

Ha ha! Lew is a whole foot taller than me!!

That's just funny.

How many clowns can you squeeze in one of them?

hey they are awesome i am from the uk and own one they are soo much fun to drive and are really safe plus u can park almost anywhere i recomend them. plus the added bonus of being able to feel the speed that u are traveling such a thrill and they cost pennies/cents to run.
happy motoring

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