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April 19, 2006


A few, only a few, things Bushco is doing now are quite amusing. Starting with Bush's saying he's spying on US and will continue to do so, they have dropped all pretense. They're more transparent every day.

Yeah, Faux News is a house organ and we have no problem bringing Tony Snow over here. Hell, he's been our de facto press secretary and now he gets tax dollars for his efforts.


Bret Hume woould have been a better choice.

There will be two major qualifications for the job: 1. You must lie repeatedly and convincingly and 2. You must be able to say "I cannot comment on an on-going whatamacallit." Then, you, too, can be the Press Secretary. Go for it, Tony, you can do it!

Bushco must be mad about the leak. I can't get the link to work, nor can I go to the political wire website. Tony does sound like a perfect fit.

Linked back to you here. I think you did an excellent job of outlining Tony's qualifications.

I think you did an excellent job of outlining Tony's qualifications.
Thank you - we always aim for the face.

All one needs in order to qualify for doughyboy's spot is the ability to repeat the phrase "I can't comment on that as it is an ongoing investigation" ad nauseum.

As the McClellatron 3000 (Pat. Pend.) fades into the sunset, rumor has it that Tony Snow of Faux News has been offered the press secretary job.

Oh come on. We can do better than Snow. Everybody's got to have a fantasy pick for McClellan's job. Personally, I'd go with Ed McMahon...

"Heeeeeerrrreeesssss's... Georgie!"

The link to the political wire story is working for me now. Signed on to a different server; maybe that made a difference. These new-fangled computer thingies really confuse me sometimes.

I bet it's Dan Senor, the spokesman for the CVP in the early days of the Iraq Invasion.

IÒve had dreams with scenes like that in Ñem, but usually only when I was awake.

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