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April 20, 2006


What the $%^&*@)#*# !!!!

Oh, and here's another great example of right-wing logic.

I love it when that happens.

Wow... yet another Republican rationale to justify the Iraq disaster. We went there to protect gay marriage!

Huh? I'd like to see her list of Democratic leaders who openly (or at all) support gay marriage.


Call Michelle Malkin!

(410) 347-1488

Dumb & Dumber!

I wish I could make the type size larger here because if I could I would type a great big WTF?

Her logic is so twisted it looks like a giant pretzel of mass destruction.


Sweet Jesus..... I need a drink.
Could that explain this:
Was she drunk when she said this???

Maybe I'll get tipsy and call Malkin and discuss.

That's not Malkin's number. The real number is here:


But I think it has been disconnected now.

So, send that beeyotch an email:

[email protected]

If you read Flanagan sideways and squint your eyes and hold your breath and sing lalalala until you nearly pass out, you can begin to see to see the logic of attacking Iran.

Just watched the Cait Flanagan clip from the Colbert Report on Salon's Video Dog. Eeeeeek! That's one crazy right-wing ho.

Why doesn't she just dispense with the formalities and call her book, "Domestic Hooker: Trading Coochie for a House and an Automatic Dishwasher"? Subtitled, "Learning to Love Your Inner Prostitute and Your Husband's Inner Pimp"?

"...there is room in the Republican party for people who are for gay marriage..."

And that room is called the closet. A very, very big, barbwire-lined closet.

I love that Flanagan has a nanny. I guess she'd rather spend her time having lunch with her friends than spend time with her children. I wonder if she has a housekeeper and a personal chef as well.

As a matter of fact, Flanagan has a housekeeper and a personal organizer too. Apparently, she loves the domestic life so much, she pays someone else to do it for her. The woman also needs a shrink to treat her chronic cognitive dissonance.

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