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April 06, 2006


Department of Homeland Security, protecting America one child at a time.

No surprise.

Department of Homeland Pederasty!

Wow. It never stops getting better, eh?

Hey, Blogenfreude, when are you going to go on another vendetta? My photoshopping skills are getting rusty from lack of use ;)

if any terrorists happen to be posing as sex starved teenagers we got it covered

but we KNOW we're safe from vegetarians, quakers, peace loving grandmothers and catholic workers because THEY are being investigated

I guess they could look on the bright side and say well at least they're not preying on little boys...

See that's the clever part of homeland security. The hire criminals to get them off the streets. Then when the time is right, the jigs up, and into jail they go. So very wise and tricky.

What a scarily inept gov't the shrubco is helming. This is nearly as embarrassing as the Guckert/Gannon fiasco.

"...at least they're not preying on little boys..."

My thoughts exactly.

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