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April 04, 2006


I am so glad that this corrupt, arrogant man, is finally going down. Good bye, Tom!
You did your best to ruin our wonderful country. Shame on you!

I seem to recall (correct me if I'm wrong) that this is America, and taht every man is innocent until proven guilty. While it may come as a suprise to most hippies, the Washington Post is not the ultimate arbiter of justice.

Like a cockroach exposed to a plethora of toxins, Patriot DeLay will survive and possibly even mutate...into an even more America-loving hero (if that were even possible.)

Rex, would you please blame me next? Blogenfreude, I'm buying the first round.

Goodbye, Tom.

Blue Gal, you are indeed on my hippie-radar! Remember, however, that we Kramericans attack liberals not out of malice, but because we care. About America (and not you,) but still.

As for this site, it is obvious that our intervention is having the desired effect. Agitprop has called of its' DeLay Death Watch, which we interpret to mean they're now supporters of Texas' second-greatest statesman.

This calls for a rousing rendition of "The Hallelujah Chorus".


One down, a bunch more scum to go....


Oh darn, now who will be the poster boy for corruption?

Oh wait. He's a republican...this should be easy!

In Kramerica, everyone is a hippie. Soon there will be no one left to drink his kool aid.

"I AM the Federal Government!" -- Tom Delay

My how times have changed.

Looks like you ARE the biggest douche. Goodbye!

It's not his fault.

Rex!!!! Get off the hippie thing dude! You are living in the past...and it shows! I think you are jealous...you are aren't you? Come on...you can't tell me that you didn't wear any beads...right? Or tie/tye dyed stuff? My hipness is slipping!...I can't remember how to spell tye dye!!! OMG!

Just want to say congrats for your part in getting this slimeball out of office. No one can tell how much effect we have with all this but I've got a gut feeling that it is becoming more and more.

Now is the time to set our sights on Deadeye Dick Cheney and see what we can do.

Congratulations once more.

Rex said he smited me. Must have been a tiny smite, because I didn't feel a thing. :)

Rex said he smited me. Must have been a tiny smite, because I didn't feel a thing. :)

Posted by: pissed off patricia

Funny, his ex-wife told me the same thing...

I like to think we all did help too, Grumpy. Like you say, "who knows"? I think we ought to set our sights on Turd Blossom.

This is the story of Tommy Rotten
Gone, but not forgotten...

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