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April 22, 2006


Adult diapers all around, Cheers!

Doesn't all this make you proud to be part of our justice system?

They're even prosecuting grandmothers in NYC.

Brilliant promotional strategy!

Are these deciders cool or what?! M

With the Bush clan if you always assume the worst then you will be right most of the time. I've pretty much decided that anything that comes out of Bush, Cheney, Condi, Rumsfelf or Chertoff is a lie and I haven't been disappointed yet.

What about the provision for whistleblowing? Does that exist for CIA employees? Yes, they must sign an agreement not to leak classified information, but what if what they're leaking is information about wrongdoing performed by people in the agency and/or their higher ups (W, Darth Cheney, etc.) I mean, the damed leak resulted in a Pulitzer Prize-winning story by Dana Priest. It exposed a few of the many evils (and only a few, but it's a start) perpetrated by the Bu$hCo Crime Family.

Is that defense available to the CIA officer, should they try to bring criminal proceedings about?

This mumbo jumbo from Bush about leaks is beyond the point of absurdity. It does absolutely no harm to America if the terrorists find out we are operating secret torture chambers except that we are operating secret torture chambers. Our government continues to jeopardize our safety with their actions, yet they make out like talking about their actions is what puts us in jeopardy. This is beyond ridiculous.

Ethical relativism rears it's ugly head once again.

blogenfreude, thanks for the whistleblower law link. I replied over in my comments.

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