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April 07, 2006


Warning: The GOP may cause gastric discomfort and anal leakage. Or wait, was that Olestra...

So the question is: How low will the numbers have to go before Bush get's impeached. My guess? The magical Nixon twenty.

yep, they sure are having a rough time of it lately.

Love the pic of Darth Cheney!

I think the "magic 20" threshold it spot on.

If they see those numbers turn that bad, it will embolden members of his own party to do something about him in hopes of saving their own asses.

Not that it will help.

I won't believe it until Bush is swinging from a rope at the Hague, executed for war crimes. Fucking family is a blight on mankind. And there is always the looming Jeb threat.

GREAT post. that made my day. Thanks, Blogenfriend.

Excellent picture of the Dark Lord, excellent...

"Dear Leaker..." That's a good one.

Let the implosion continue.

Great post.

LOL at Charth.

Sorry I have not been commenting Blogen. I have been really busy with meetings at school, but the good news...I have 10 days off.

Great photo.

Sigh. It is clear that my Week of Smiting has had little to no effect on Agitprop's America-hating ways. Truly, your anti-patriotic kung fu is strong, and I have misunderestimated you. Thus, I will withdraw my legions of blogging patriots 2 days early, and leave you to your hippie ways!

Until we meet again!

Whopeee! I just can't think of enough exclamations of happiness just thinking about seeing the end of this seige. Well said, Blogen. More champaigne?

Hey kids, when do you suppose the next Osama Bin Laden video is gonna drop? Now's about the right time for him to come out of his cave and remind the world what awful scary player hater he is...

Nope...that's for the Danger Seeker to take care of.

great post and great picture..have missed coming here

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