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April 14, 2006


Rummy's got mad skills! So what if a bunch of over the hill Generals want to hate on him--what do they know?

Dumbsfeld has to be the image of a madman and he is hated throughout the entire military. He, along witht the rest of Bush's thugs are pure evil.

Did you see my rummy the dummy entry from yesterday?

He's definitely getting a medal. The more incompetent you are in this admin, the more you deserve one. I don't think anyone is as big a fuckup as Rummy.

I don't think anyone is as big a fuckup as Rummy.

Definitely on the short list for a medal of freedom.

that is how it goes, you fuck up and you get a medal. this guys deserves to be thrown in jail

They'll never bail on Rummy. He is the godfather of the NeoCons. He created Cheney, who in turn molded Bush.

Happy War on Easter!

Love it! Let's give this a don't sugarcoat it award on Monday complete with some blow pop panties. xoxoxo

Of course, in order to get his medal Rumsfeld will have to retire as did Tenet. But better than winning a medal, is knowing the government's Tamiflu contract will be awarded to the very company, Gilead Sciences, he holds stock in.

Peter Sellers makes a better Rumsfeld that's for sure. His accent is better too. Oh...how the mighty hath fallen...now if all the others will follow like a line of dominos...we might just get this country on the right track.

I like Sumo's optimism. I sure wish I shared it!

Why is it that Bush gets the last say on whether or not Rummy keeps his job? Don't other people have a say? Can't the generals just oust Rummy, presidential temper tantrums be darned?

Everyone is so afraid of offending this president. We may as well have a king.

Award is up. Keep up the good work, Blogenfreude.

Truly awesome photoshopping, pal. And a great post, too.

Truly awesome photoshopping, pal.
Comandante Agi did it - I can't take any credit.

Comandante Agi did it - I can't take any credit.

But I do give you credit for the links. ;-)

Military Junta... coming soon to a theatical venue surrounding you! Doubt it? Please note the resemblance of the Bubble Debt Republic of North America 2006 with predecessor Banana Republics of South America circa 1960's & 70's. Oh, irony, where is thy stink? or is that sting? Hmmm.

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