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April 06, 2006


Yep, he is the leaker, at least, according to Libby! What a liar! He even lies about his lies! How does he keep it all straight? Ooops! He doesn't.

A very good question; however, he has but to pardon himself--then he can find something else to lie about.

I'm with Robot. He will admit he did it, then forgive himself, then change the law to allow such leaks in the future!

Ol' President Crisco will find a way to squeak out of it somehow. I can't wait to hear how he does it.

Bet he will say it's because he is a war president and he has special privileges. The man is as crooked as they come and he gets a lot of his attitude from his Mommy Barbara.

Multiple Personality Disorder, anyone? Uniter Not Divider, Compassionate Conservative, War President, Inarticulate Goober...

I've posted that this would happen. The small fry will implicate the big fish. Fitz is going after much larger fish than Libby.

Bush chasing the leak in the White House is kind of like the tail chasing the dog, ain't it?

It doesn't matter. Jesus will forgive him.

Then he will bomb Iran.

Life goes on...

Yep. He's gonna try to bomb the bejeezits out of as many countries as he can before he leaves (or gets ousted from) office. So later he can brag to his buddies 'bout how many places he blowed up. That makes him feel like a real MAN!

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