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April 11, 2006


Thank you immigrants for your invaluable contributions to our society.

Not the least of which is making right-wingers' heads explode.

Nice photos, historic. I was thinking about taking Video here in SF but the crowds were small really. I was hoping for a larger group of folks...

I love a parade.

Of course, pundits of the MSM like Dobbs, Smercomish(sp), and the cast over at Fox seemed a might perterbed that the parades went off without a hitch. Many seemed disappointed that the parades didn't devolve into rioting and mass looting.

There was a huge (by north Alabama standards) march in Albertville yesterday. Now I hear from one of my activist friends that the chicken plants are firing people left and right.

Great pics. Interesting because they don't all look latino to me.

What is amazing is, based on what I would expect, this is just the tip. Think of all the hundreds of thousands who didn't bother turning out.

Oh yeah, I haven't heard of one single car burning or window breaking incident. Sorry wingers.

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