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April 26, 2006


... and no, I don't know what a "force source" is ...

Nice photo. They even got the Santa hat in the reflection of the table.

Oh please, oh please, ohpleaseohpleaseohplease!

I don't know why your trackbacks don't like me, but I linked to you here.

I'll believe in Fitzmas when I see Rove 'frog-marching.' If he got a lump of coal I'd be happy. But until such a time, Bah-humbug!

Come on, come on!

If they take away Bush's Brain, will the Preznint resign? Pretty please with an indictment on top?

What would Dorathy, The Scarecrow, The Cowardly Lion and the Tin Man do without the Wiz?

I often volunteer to testify before grand juries. It's fun!

I'm really starting to pray for Mr. Rove. He should get everything that's coming to him. Really.

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