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April 27, 2006


Well, fuck.

Welcome to the Advernet. All advertisements, all corporations, all the time!

They can't do it, it just can't happen...

Then again, that is what I said about invading Iraq...

What a sleazy little creep this Barton is! Someone needs to investigate him.

Dude, it's 2006, not 1984. Stop worrying so much.

The more I read about this as I hope from blog to blog, the more it pisses me off.

Yeah, this makes me angry then sad. What if we all lose one another? That just must not happen. With elections coming up don't both parties want to campaign on line for $$ ?
Won't they want us here at least for things like that?

Here at Blognonymous we depend on the fact that we are the shameless whore of Blogger/Google and that they will always have the fatest pipe available. Of course, because we self host, it means that you'll be able to post and comment with the speed of Mercury and read as if sucking a potato through a straw.


This is the last straw! Those creeps need a good tarring and feathering!

It's not bad enough they've taken away most of our physical freedoms, now they want our METAPHYSICAL freedoms!

Freedom is Slavery.

Net Neutrality is Pornography.

Wait... where's the pornography?

Start goosestepping NOW.

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