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April 16, 2006


Lets say your right-wing, fascist party has problems...

Time for a name change, I think. I've been using "Neoconicans" lately.

Now I hear tell that they are going to try to use the flu pandemic to enforce marshall law...

Who's going to stop these bastards? It doesn't seem to matter that they are in the toilet, they are still able to run things, and our media just smiles and tells everyone everything is just hunky dory. Gahhh!

Ah, you obviously don't own the King George version of the value based voter's Bible. The 11th commandment clearly states thou shalt harbor creepy obsession with thy neighbor's sex life and anything whatsoever having to do with their bodies.

The flag amendment is just for fun.

"Winning isn’t everything; it’s the only thing." -- Attributed to Vince Lombardi.

We're being governed by a team of football coaches.


Hmm. I'll bet Yee-HAW! could become Agitprop's version of Fitz! It's Dr. Strangelove-themed, and it does convey the proper "we're going to hell at the speed of light" mood . . .

I think the Repug agenda is a sign of their desperation. When it comes to hanging on to their base, their only idea is to trot out the traditional emotional smokescreens. They want the voters to think of anything at all but what's important.

Followup here with some of my own not so left views.

And on the same topic...


or try this link Sorry...

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