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April 20, 2006


Watch this

It's kind of funny, the monster went to Fox News and even they won't have him on frequently enough to feed his ego.
God, I DO NOT miss seeing him or hearing his voice. (or seeing the little spit bubbles pop out of his mouth when he talks)

Watch the video that Comandante Agi linked above. It's great!

"A Rove Plamegate indictment is coming."

From your mouth to God's ear.

Okay, this is going to sound crazy to the non-Buffy fans, but Novak reminds me of Dracula in the "Buffy Meets Dracula" episode. She stakes him, he comes back, she stakes him again, he comes back again, and she says, "I'm standing right here!" as she stakes him again. Maybe that's what Bob needs to make him go away permanently.

There is a Clash song for everything.

"Almost arrogant?" ALMOST??

Once again, Novakula and his vocabulary are late to the party. Groan.

"Almost arrogant" was Bush's conduct in the election of 2000. That train left the station YEARS ago.

Dear Mr. Novak, for future reference, try "astoundingly arrogant", "beyond arrogant", "clownishly arrogant", "dizzyingly arrogant", "egregiously arrogant" and so forth down the alphabet.

Get a clue. Jesus.

staggeringly arrogant - my personal favorite

Right, Rob. The Democrats have the edge because cornpone shuck and jive Bush seems aloof. The guy that everyone wants to have a beer with is losing his mojo because he seems aloof? Why he's almost downright arrogant!

Novak is the creepiest thing out there, not counting Bill O'Felafel. Who, by the way, was mentioned (by whom I don't know--I just read it at Ezra's) as a replacement for McClellan.

Can you imagine? O'Felafel being the press secretary? Think of the material!

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