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April 18, 2006


I live in Los Angeles... we have had culture wars for years.

Ithaca is looking better and better, I'm moving there next hop...

Wow...I never realized it before, but the map makes it obvious: religion causes tornadoes.


Hey Crackpot, you're safer up in LA. I'm down in Orange County with the suburban assault vehicle-driving fundies!

yeah, Crackpot, Agi has it much worse than us. You can hardly tell the insane on the street from the religious fundies, anyway, so I don't find it too invasive.

Helen, aren't they about the same, the fundies and the insane?

Oh, Gawd. I hate, just hate, to get serious here of all places. But my Harvard Divinity School degree is showing. This map doesn't say much except generic "church membership." Notice Massachusetts is as "red" as Alabama, but there is a big diff between the liberal Catholics and Unitarians of Beantown and the Southern Baptists in terms of, well, everything. That said, I believe a study at Harvard Divinity School did prove that telling a pollster you are a member of a church will lead to increased tornado risk. If there are any Agitprop readers in Utah, please raise your hand.

Oregon's the place to be. It must be due to all those Californians who've moved up there over the past few decades.

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