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April 01, 2006


Mythilogical creatures in every home? Don't we have enought Democrats running about?

They would've come in handy back when everyone smoked. Now, what's the use?

If this isn't an April Fool's article, Bush will be on TV next week tossing the base's salad by threatening to veto any funding for the cloning of mythological beasts.

"I said it about chimeras, and I'm saying it about dragons, griffins, rocs, unicorns, sprites, elves, and sure as hell fairies," the President announced. "No cloning! Cloning bad! Me hate cloning! God tell me say hate cloning!" He then demonstrated his strong feelings on the subject by rolling around on the floor, drooling, speaking in tongues, waving snakes around his head, and biting Barney.

Dan Bartlett then assured the public that the President was fine and the dog had it coming.

This can't drag on much longer! M

Paolo Fril
aPril Fool

Paolo Fril
aPril Fool

SSSSHHHHHHHH! Quiet! Just as I'm getting away with it ...

WHY i oughta...

Agitprop, be forewarned! You have been selected (by virtue of the sheer volume of your hippie-ness and your place in the alphabetic order of America-hating) as the first subject in Spurious George's "Focus on the Freedom-Hating Blog" series. Beginning at midnight, you will fell the wrath of Rex Kramer Nation!

Do not beg for mercy, for you brought this upon yourself!

shoot, I was looking forward to pet dragons

may the great goddess(es) protect you from the mighty mighty danger seeking mr kramer!

i'll light a candle for yee

I want a dragon. Actually this company wioll probably learn quite abit abit reparing bad genes and could help mankind in more substantive ways.

Some clowns in California are now going to attempt to biologically engineer dragons.

How are they going to do that? Clone Katherine Harris or Jean Schmidt?

This is precisely the reason we should support the president's war on animal hybrids. Don't say Dear Leader didn't warn us...

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