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April 18, 2006


I thought he was a uniter, not a decider. No, that was divider. He's a decider who divides and conquers in an attempt to unificate!

I found that comment outrageous also, what an ego!

He sounded like he was talking to a bunch of pre-schoolers. Hey, George, "decider" is not a word, but doofus is.

He's all hat and no cow----what bull----!

George W. Bush: A Petulant Pretender to the Presidency.

I think he needs a snack and a nap, and the snack should be a nice biiiiig pretzel. Maybe we'll get lucky this time.

It's the same thing he said a couple of years ago, when he said, "I'm the one who gets to decide! NOT you!"

What a big baby. Yep, let's give him a big pretzel like Gideon S. said. And hope for the best.

I too will chip in on the big pretzel. He really does act like a spoiled child. He seems to think it's all about him. He talks big for a man with such a small brain.

Man, if Mr. Danger Seeker shows up over here tonight, he's going to have a danger-seeker-fit.

He's the decider. That's news to me. I thought there were a whole bunch of deciders on Capitol Hill, too. Swell - now we're saddled with King George!

What are we expecting from this guy...pearls of wisdom? I think not! He's too busy deciding which corner he wants to go stand in for a time out from mother.

What ever happened to the Rove Must Go campaign? We fulminated, we stopped fulminating, he still runs the country.

DD, SS. This week's flapathon over Rumsfeld sounds like Rove with a find-and-replace.

Any bets on who's next?

Any bets on who's next?
The gardener? A pastry chef or two? Or perhaps a reshufffle of Jenna and not-Jenna's Secret Service detail ...

Delegator, or decisioner? Don't tell me he's flip-flopped on his leadership style along with everything else?

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