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April 19, 2006


The story is Rove is moving back to politics, as if he ever left. That means lots more nastiness in the 2006 campaign, starting immediately.

Kathy's right. The Rovenator is gearing up for a nasty midterm election season. It's going to be 2002 all over again, instead of Iraq it will be Iran.

I keep hearing that they got Rove working on recovering from the damage that the adminstration did to their party via their failed policies. He is too useful to be kicked out, I can seem him staying one way or another with the big republican boys...

Just more bullshit - they are shuffling the players and canning the doughboy just to show the public they are doing "something." What, like Tony Snow is an IMPROVEMENT over Scotty?? Geeeezus H!

Yeah, that's what we want, Turd blossom free to focus on the swiftboating of every dem running for election. You know shrub can't function without him. So it's bus. as always, just as you say.

I think this guy nails it.

With Democratic candidates for midterm elections now polling 10% ahead of Guardians of Privilege candidates, the White House is desperate to ensure continued GOP control of the House and Senate, lest investigations lead to indictments, convictions and impeachment. Thus, they are sending Rove to do what he does best: smear, swiftboat, pander and confuse the electorate with wedge issues and Alice-in-wonderland spin.
This is not a demotion of Rove, but a power play like in hockey when they pull the goalie in to try desperately to score in the final minutes with the score not in their favor.

Bush is the decider, this is what he has decided.
Let's hope it works as well for the GOP as his decisions have worked for America so far.
Posted by: Patrick | Apr 19, 2006 11:12:55 AM

Rove will do the same thing he's always done - help Bu$hCo fuck over everyone except the rich and well-connected.

blogenfruede, I think you've nailed it. I'm just amazed that they think people will buy the whole "Karl isn't involved any more" bullshit.

Ah, no I'm not amazed. People have been swallowing the sticky fake red stuff for years now, and believe pretty much anything.

With so many Democratic Canadates being veterans, the real question is who will Rove make into the next Max Cleland?

Good question, Fred. But you can bet that the swift boat army has already been assembled to dissemble!

Great picture! Looks like Rove's snout. M

As a social worker working with mentally ill children, I am no stranger to the medicating of them. But, this NYT piece regarding the side effects of stimulant medication really had me upset.

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