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May 01, 2006


What a pipe dream. Mission accomplished, indeed. What a mess this man has made! Ugh!

Well, to his credit a mission had been accomplished. He had made a fool out of most Americans and turned the world against us.

You mean Commander Thimble perhaps? M

The newly minted "America-lover" in me (courtesy of Rex Kramer) says, "Is that in inspiring picture or what?" We should send an aircraft carrier to ever place where evil-doers lurk, and they will surrender merely from seeing our power.

The frog in me says, "Ow! There's that bolt to the brain again."

I can testify, from experiance, there is nothing a soldier hates more than being window dressing for a speech.

May 2009: "I think Iran is in the last throes, if you will, of the insurgency."

It's increadible, three years after his ridiculous flight, the place is a freaking mess...

Was the mission then to create chaos? The only folks better off since the war are the petro boys...

May 1, 2009: "Aren't y'all gladified we repealed that liberal 22nd Amendment?"

Sorry...I was daydreaming there for a second.

Or was I?


It's Loyalty Day! How can you diss our fine Fuh-- I mean, President on Loyalty Day? Are you going to share a cell with Stephen Colbert?????

Who IS that delusional tool who thinks we've "beaten" Al Quaida? He sounds like the nuttiest of the nutjobs!

May 1, 2009: "Mission Decomposed."

Baghdad Bush: Oh no, there won't be any casualties.

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